Cinderella Series Release

Seven limited edition dolls make up the cast of Latidoll‘s Cinderella. They include new 16cm tall Lati Yellow sculpt Happy as Cinderella and Princess version Cinderella, Wicked Sister Luna, Pumpkin Pixie S. Belle, Prince Lea, Cat Steward Vampire Jia and Lati White Mouse Helper T. Haru. The dolls are available as basic BJDs with optional additions. Two pet resin cats figures are additionally available (face-painting included).

Lati has also launched an event to celebrate their 10th anniversary.  A free gift head will be offered free with a Cinderella series doll purchase for a very limited time. 10 random customers will also receive a free gift.

From the company:

Due to many support from our dear customers, Lati is looking forward to seeing 10th Anniversary.
To celebrate our big year, the very special Limited “Cinderella” will be released~!!

Order Duration : 7th Oct, 2015 ~ 28th Oct, 2015 (in Korean time)

Event detail
1. As this release is created to celebrate Lati’s 10th anniversary, the very new and never-seen-before doll which we have secretly prepared, will be given as a gift.
10 Lucky people will be randomly chosen from customers who order at least 1 Limited doll from this release.
This secret doll will be revealed with the list of 10 Lucky people on the Lati homepage after the order is closed

2. Lati’s new head Joi(tan skin) will be presented to customers who purchased at least 1 Limited doll from Cinderella during during 10 days from the order open day (from 7th Oct ~ 16th Oct)(Exceptionally, White/WhiteSp doll should be purchased with full options-wig, outfits and shoes)

3. Yellow doll size T-shirt which Lati has specially manufactured to celebrate 10th anniversary, will be given as a gift to 100 people!
This present will be allocated on the basis of first come-first served.

**Every event gift is given only 1 per ID
**There will be NEW HEAD “Happy” among this Limited release~!!


cinderella happy

Cinderella with her Mouse Helper

wicked sister luna

Step Sister

cinderella ball

Pumpkin Pixie and Princess Cinderella

prince lea


cat steward vampire jia1

Cat Steward

pumpkin pixie s belle

Cinderella with her Mouse Helper

Cinderella with her Mouse Helper

Event head Joi

Event head Joi

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  • Aquilla killingsworth Oct 9, 2015, 4:40 am

    I love these dolls, but they are new to me and I don’t understand how you order them. Do they come with clothes or nude? Wh en it says with two sets of eyes, are they hard to put in? What does it mean when you say face up or down? Does the wigs just sit on their heads? Do they come already painted and complete?

    • bjdcollectasy Oct 11, 2015, 3:44 pm

      When first investigating BJDs, they can be pretty confusing. Usually the dolls are sold blank, sometimes with a choice of resin color and other options (like body style). Face painting (face-ups) are usually optional, as are the clothing. Sometimes they are sold as “full-sets” with most or everything included in the price. The Lati dolls here are selling a basic doll with lots of extras to choose from.

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