FoB Vampires

Four FoB line vampire girls are now at Peak’s Woods: Dotty Muse, Romantic Mia, Romantic Lady Bee and KoonieS. Their pre-order opens October 13th. The 44.5cm tall dolls may be ordered in normal, white, lavender pink, suntan, blue-grey or grey skin resin. The basic BJDs come with a choice of breast size (small, medium or large) and split jointed or solid thighs. A random color pair of glass eyes are included. Options include a face-up, a set of “special” hands, manicure (pink, purple or french tip), heel feet, outfit, wig and Oscar eyes.


FOB Vampire Romantic Mia

FOB Vampire Romantic Mia1

FOB Vampire Romantic Lady Bee

FOB Vampire Romantic Lady Bee1

FOB Vampire KoonieS1

FOB Vampire KoonieS

FOB Vampire Dotty Muse1

FOB Vampire Dotty Muse