Miro Doll October Promotion

Miro Doll is offering a discount on all pre-order dolls.  In addition, they will post some in-stock dolls with a special promotion.

From the company:

Mirodoll October promotion is from October 1st to October 31st. During this period, we offer 40% discount on the dolls, heads and bodies, 10% discount on the new 72cm boys and XM dolls, 30% discount on the shoes.

For orders over $200, we will send one extra 1/3 doll head.

For orders over $300, we will send one extra 1/4 doll body.

For orders over $888 we offer free shipping.

In October, we will post some dolls in stock for grabbing. The price keep the same in one week, if the items is not ordered, the price will be $5 less next week, in the third week, the price is $10 less,.then $15 less.. until the item is sold out.