Granado News

BJD fans lucky enough to attend the Shanghai Dolk Show will have an advance looks at some of Granado‘s upcoming releases.

From the company:

Dear all,
Thank you for your continuous support to Granado.
We will join the Shanghai Dolk Show on 11st October, 2015 (Sun).
Event information as per below:

1. Showcase of Crocus’ latest design dolls, Neptune and new project – Soft doll.
** We will also display other dolls which we released before.

2: Upper Torso Base & some Doll Heads will be sale on the event.
** There will be a discount for in stock doll heads. Since there are many difference skin tone, please check the price with Crocus.
** We accept pre-order doll service on the event.
** New normal and white skin torso base are 235 CNY, Darker skin torso bases are between 275 to 285 CNY.
** Please note that we will only accept China Yuan.

The event is only one day, which is 11st October, 2015 (Sun). Our booth’s location is E14.

We look forward to seeing you on the event! <3

Our Facebook Fanpage : http://www.facebook.com/Granado.Doll