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Berdine Creedy puts a little bit of herself in each doll she creates.  She started working in porcelain, then in vinyl, but she eventually moved on to BJDs and has been making resin dolls ever since.  Her latest release, Zina, is being sold through her new retailer,  Jpop Dolls.

BJDcollectasy has previously interviewed the artist. Earlier articles include ~Berdine Creedy’s Girls~ and ~Flower Girls~.


Q: How did Zina become a Jpop exclusive?

A: I am so very busy looking after my two grand-babies in the day from Mondays to Thursdays. I’m also working with my company in China to OK product dolls for conventions and all the other shows. It is just getting so busy, and that is why I want to drastically scale down to do less work and to spend more time with my grand-babies and my own children.

Looking after my grand-babies, Skyler 3 years and Aiden 1 year is what I need to do right now. This is the time that you will form that bond with them and build up a relationship forever. Those 2 little arms going around my neck that hug me saying, I love you Ouma(Grandma in Afrikaans), is so worth everything else. I need to scale down to enjoy them. My Mum is 88 years old, and while she is still alive living in South Africa, I need to spend some time every year with her also. Life is short and can be taken away from you tomorrow. I also came here in 1996 and have not seen America yet. I have seen many airports and many hotels, but the American beauty I have not seen at all. I still want to hike so many places while I can, while I have my health. That is why Zina is with JpopDolls right now to help me breathe and enjoy life.

Next year, 2016, will me my last year attending conventions and shows. I am still committed to UFDC in 2017. I will be moving into a 2-bedroom condo and will not have space to work in big scale at all, but I will still fulfill my passion of doll-making by sculpting. Grace with her big heart was so gracious to love my Zina, and she gave her a home at JpopDolls. I will not retire completely, I will do one to two dolls a year through Grace. I love working with Grace . She is a true friend helping so many people.

Q: What were your ideas for Zina? What was the inspiration behind the unusual ears?

cinderella1(1)A: When I sculpted my porcelain dolls, I always sculpted teeth in them. I wanted to do the teeth for a long time in resin, but was not sure if it would work. But it came out so perfectly, and her facial expression changes completely. When this little face looked at me and needed some ears, I began playing around with the size and the shape. She just came alive when I put on the bigger ears, and I kept it just like that. Normally I visualize a face in my head, before starting to sculpt. Then I sculpt it and the clay sort of forms the character. I wanted something different, and I think I succeeded. She is loved by many. I put my heart into every doll sculpt of mine.

Q:I wanted to ask you a little about some of your recent releases. Can you tell me more about the LOVE-IS dolls?

A: The LOVE-IS dolls ares a series that I started to send LOVE out in the doll world. I am a person of peace, and I want all my dolls going out to need to be Loved and give out Love by themselves. Lola, was the first one and Olga the second, and now Vivie is the third doll. Each doll comes with the letter their name begins. At the end, they will spell out LOVE.

Vivie will be on my website very soon for ordering.

Q: Were the Jungle Pets the first  anthro animal dolls you made? Can you tell me more about them?

14_JunglePets_Both_3A: Yes, They were the first animal dolls. I always says that they can take “This Girl” (me) out of the jungle, but they cannot take the jungle out of “this girl”. I love my country South Africa and will always have something of that in my dolls. Having my two grand baby boys and having a house full of dolls, my creativity took a sudden change to accommodate boys. They love my dollies,(“poppies” in Afrikaans) but I thought I need to sculpt something that they can play with one day.That is where the Lion, “LEEU” and “Ellie” the elephant originated from. But with the USA now being my home and being an American citizen, I love living here, and my collectors and dolly friends make me feel at home. They are now my extended family.

Q: The BFFs were very sweet. How did your grand daughters like their doll-versions?

A: This was the most rewarding project I ever did. These girls were in seventh heaven every time they got together and needed to do something for this line of BFF’s. They gave me ideas and came up with their own story. I just loved working with them. The day when they received their own personal BFF, was the most amazing day. They are taking such good care of their dolls, and told their teachers and friends all about it. The highlight for them was seeing themselves talk to their own doll. Their doll has their own voice. How cool was that!!! I had to teach myself this program to be able to do this. But I am so very happy how this project developed and ended.

Q: Cinderella was a special release Through Dolls Magazine. How did she come about?

A: Thomas Courtney that does some work for Dolls, contacted me just before I left for South Africa in March this year, telling me that they want the doll before the movie “Cinderella’ comes out. There I was, packed for my Holiday to see my Mum and family and friends, and here comes an opportunity of a lifetime! He wanted to know if I was interested. Right there and then I said YES and tackled this project. I knew that I wanted to use (seamstress) Charlene Smith for my Cinderella outfit. I started designing immediately, I got it all done before I climbed into that plane. I OK’ed all details when I was over in SA. Luckily they wanted my MSD doll “Venus” for that project, and I could order her from my factory that was so awesome to do such a small amount for me for this amazing project.

It was a huge success and sold out immediately. Sharon Wright from Haute Dolls took her photos and she did an awesome job to capture her innocent childlike look with magic! As you can see, I had an amazing team that worked on this project with me.

Q: What might you be releasing in the near future?

A: Next year I was asked to do the MDCC doll for the banquet. I feel humbled and honored to do that. MDCC wanted a 1/4 doll for this project. I am looking forward to when you all can see her. I will also do the last 10″ doll in the LOVE-IS series. She/he will be a boy or a girl; there will be a choice.

There will also be another doll for JpopDolls. Hopefully I will be able to carry on working for Grace and do about 2 dolls a year. I know I will not be able to stop immediately, my creative side will not rest until I have sculpted a few more dolls every year. I am still committed to UFDC in 2017 in Orlando to do an event. That will be my last doll for a Convention. After that, it is time for my children and my grand babies.

Photos above from top: Cinderella, Jungle Pets LEEU and Ellie.

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