Rosa and Robin Pre-order

6G Classic Rosa and and 8B Classic Robin are now available on DollShe Craft. The 35cm tall girl and 39 tall boy may be ordered in a wide variety of resin skin colors. A limited quantity are available for this pre-order.

From the company:

Launching the discount promotion “In Love with Grey” on 8B Fashion Robin for the limited quantity of 100 units
What is “In Love with Grey” promotion?

After the prototype was finished and surfacer finish was done, it is wearing the cold and clear grey clothes. You can get the feel for more lucid figurative beauty from this prototype without any decoration. We have planned this promotion for those whom look for the value of the original molding so they can look at the original prototype before ordering. We Dollshe Craft call this promotion as “In Love with Grey”.

It is provided at discounted Full Package price.

* Based on the standard skin color, the price of regual full package is more than USD 420. After this promotion, it will be provided at the regular price with the composition of head+body.
8B Classic Robin Doll Composition

OE Head + Body + Hand parts for clothes change purpose + Comfortable Hands + Comfortable Feet

*It will be provided as a full package only during the “In Love with Grey” promotion. All parts in the picture will be included.
Effective Period

September 30th – October 30th
Limited Quantity

First come, first served for 100 units
Shipping Schedule

It will take about 3 months until shipping. If there are any changes in the schedule, we will announce it immediately.