Clever Little

Batchix Dolls introduces Clever Little, a tiny adult doll.

From the artist:

Clever A and Clever B are now available for pre-order!

At 28cm tall, he is perfectly palm sized. He is available as Wood Elf(dark skin), High Elf(light skin) or Marsh Elf(bluish skin). They’re little handfuls and they aren’t called “Clever” for nothing. Clever B likes to show off his sword fighting scars and write love letters to people on unattended IMs. Clever A is more serious and would rather mix up a potion or challenge you to a game of Risk… and cheat.

They’re also up on my etsy if you’re more comfortable with that check out system: https://www.etsy.com/shop/batchix

Only 15 are available at the moment, five in each skin tone. I will order more if the preorder exceeds that number, but only if I get enough orders in time. They should ship in the next 2-3 months. thanks! <3

(These are my personal prototypes. They should match the colors of the finished dolls closely, however there may be slight variation.)


clever little

Clever Little A

Clever Little A

Clever Little B

Clever Little B