Chuseok Dolls at Dollmore

In celebration of Korean holiday Chuseok, Dollmore has re-released Mokashura Girl Ko Hyoo with a Korean hanbok.  Kkokcdugaksi Ko Hyoo is joined this year by new doll Lucid in Doryeonnim Lucid. Each doll is a limited edition of 10.

Ko Hyoo and Lucid are cast in normal skin resin. They will come with a face-up, acrylic eyes, wig, embroidered shoes and outfit (for Ko Hyoo a bride’s headpiece, hair ornaments, short jacket, outer dress, under dress, under pants, norigae and Korean socks  and for Lucid a top, pants, hat and wait ornaments).



lucid 3

Ko Hyoo:

ko hyoo2

ko hyoo1,