~Mystic Kids Lillian~ a Review


A 1/4 girl by Chinese company Mystic Kids


After I reviewed 1/6 doll Isabel from Mystic Kids which I bestowed on my daughter, I became interested in obtaining a 1/4 girl for her as well. Since she was pleased with Isabel, I decided a larger Mystic Kids girl would be a good choice. With the help of Emory of Junkyspot, I ordered a blank Lillian in normal pink resin from the company.  After a reasonable wait, the box with Lillian arrived. She was rolled up in a bedroll made of the same plushy fabric that was used to wrap Isabel. Included with the doll was a certificate, face mask, a pair of light blue glass eyes and underwear.


lillian box1

Once I untied the furry bundle that held the doll, I immediately noticed two things. First I saw that her skin color was the exact cherry and cream color I had hoped for, and second that she looked taller than I expected.


lillian box 2

In fact, Lillian is 45cm tall, whereas most of my other girls are 40-43cm. Before putting her in a line-up, however, I decided to paint her face.  Here is a photo of Lillian’s blank head. As you can see, there is a little shelf-like area that can be painted with teeth, or obscured by painting it with the same colors used inside the mouth.  For now I decided not to paint the teeth and let her new owner decide which look she preferred. While the blue eyes sent with the doll were pretty, I decided to try dark eyes instead.


lillian head

Once the face-up was complete and I installed the eyes,  I pulled out a variety of similar size dolls for comparison. Two are from Asian companies (V-Vivian from Doll Leaves and To You Sara from Limhwa/EOS Doll), along with a Kaye Wiggs Annabella, my largest 1/4 girl. Lillian was taller than the other ABJDs, but a few centimeters shorter than Annabella.


From left: Doll Leaves Vivian, Limhwa Sara, Lillian, Kaye Wiggs' Annabella

From left: Doll Leaves Vivian, Limhwa Sara, Lillian, Kaye Wiggs’ Annabella

Like Vivian, Lillian has an adolescent type body, but one that looks slightly more mature. She is several centimeters taller than Vivian, most of it in the legs.  She is also a little curvier.  Like the other two Asian dolls, Lillian has separated fingers.  The pinkness of her resin is especially apparent when shown next to Vivian’s white and Sara’s normal yellow skin.


Hands from left Vivian, Lillian, Sara

Hands from left: Vivian, Lillian, Sara

Next, I placed my daughter’s Mystic Kids Isabel next to Lillian.  The 1/6 doll is normal yellow. Isabel is not as detailed a doll as her big sister, and her hands are simpler, with most of the fingers molded together.


isabella lillian

It was fun trying wigs on Lillian, and she looked great in most of them.  I photographed her in silver, blond, pink, auburn, two shades of brown and black.


lillianpose1lillian wigs

Lillian turned out to be an excellent poser.  She has a single joint torso, double jointed knees and elbows, and an upper thigh joint.



Lillian wearing basic undergarments included with her by Mystic Kids

While I originally had some problems posing Isabel’s thigh joint, Lillian’s upper thigh joint holds its place well.


lillian pose 4

The knees also stay in place.


lillian pose3

The torso joint moves very well from side to side.  It is less able to move forward and backward.


1lillian torso1 lillian torso sides

Lillian takes poses gracefully.  Her elbow joints allow a wide range of movement. She is quite photogenic!



This is a great doll for the price. She is nicer than I expected. While I like Isabel and think she is cute, Lillian is a notch above. Her face is just lovely and her skin color is very pretty.  She can take many poses and holds them very well. She fits in most standard 1/4 girl clothing and shoes.  Depending on her face-up, wig and outfit, she could appear to be anywhere from an early adolescent to a young adult. If you are looking for an affordable BJD that’s a good poser and can be styled in a variety of ways, I’d definitely recommend her.


lillian pose2