Dotty Muse

New Peak’s Woods 1/4 FOB doll Dotty Muse may now be ordered in a regular and in a special version. The 44.5cm tall basic BJD comes in normal or white skin resin with an optional default face-up. The special version may be ordered in normal, white, lavender pink or suntan resin with a choice of default or special face-up. Body options for both dolls include breast size choice (small, medium, large) and split or solid upper thigh joints.

Other options include a manicure (pink, purple or coral), special hands, and heel feet. The special version Dotty Muse may additionally be ordered with a choice of wig, Enchanted milky eyes and Lolita dress in pink with dots or purple with stripes.

From the company:

We are happily pronouncing a new FoB doll and some updates.

We hope you enjoy them all. 🙂

*New FoB Fairy Release

:The fairy of Ladybug, Dotty Muse will be released as basic and special.

Special release will last for 2 weeks from Sep. 21st to Oct. 4th.
During this period, if you purchase a dress with a doll, the price of dress goes down from $80 to $60.

*FoF Head Parts Release

:The following head parts will be available for sale from now on.

Rabbit Waltz, V.F. Lady Alice, V.F. Sir Tin, V.F. Leo, Dorothy Young, Mr. Hollow, Sir Tin, Leo, Chi Chi, Pinocchio_Human boy version
10% DISCOUNT will be offered for 2 weeks from Sep. 21st to Oct. 4th.

*New Updates

:FoB New Outfits
FoB New Wigs

dotty muse special

dotty muse white

dotty muse basic

fob dotty muse