Migidoll Event

Migidoll‘s new M-Cute boy Hiro is now available. He is being sold as a head only or as a full doll.

43cm tall Hiro and the Hiro head come in normal, white or suntan skin resin. Optional face-up service is available. The full doll may additionally be ordered with a default or (black or white) Hiro wig, acrylic or Enchanted Doll eyes and hanbok (choice of 2 color).

At this time, the company is holding an event for September.

From the company:

1. September sales products and dates.

– M-Series : Yujin, Cho, Shion, Ryu, Mu, Miho, Ryo, Hyeon, Ell, Jina, Jean, Siho, Joe, Mir, Sun, Hiro(New Doll)
– C-Series : Bean, Emma, Ruby, Toto
* Sale : From September 18 to 30.
2. Release of M-Cute type “Hiro”

A new doll of M-Cute type is released after quite a long preparation by Migidoll.
For September sale, please see “Hiro” who keeps the royal court safe.(扈衛大將 : Captain of bodyguard)

* Sale : From September 18 to 30. 

* Event
To celebrate the release of M-Cute type “Hiro”, you can buy it with 20% off.
(This event is valid till September.)
3. Special coupon for Korean Thanksgiving day on September!

To greet Korean Thanksgiving day, all of Migidoll’s members will get 3 kinds of special coupons.
These are valid till end of September.
(Double discount with other coupon is not allowed.)

*Period of use : Sep. 18, 2015 ~ Sep. 30, 2015

* Coupons
Over $100 order : 5% discount
Over $200 order : 7% discount
Over $300 order : 10% discount