Luts Event Starts

The 15th Luts Event has now begun.  New limited edition dolls Senior Delf Ani and Senior65 Delf Breeze are available as part of the Halloween “Haunted Series” The company will give a free gift to customers that purchase the dolls.  Customers that purchased a Haunted Series doll in the past are eligible for free additional bonus points with purchase of a new series doll.

Both Breeze and Ani come in real skin resin colors normal, white, brown, light tan and tan. Ani additionally comes with a choice of body type.  Both BJDs are sold as blank basic dolls with a pair of glass eyes included with purchase.  Optional additions include a face-up, body blushing, parts blushing, wig and outfit.

A 30% discount on clothes, wigs and shoes has also begun.  A specially picked item will also be on sale at a special price each day. The first discount item is the Senior65 Range head. The head may be ordered in noormal or white skin resin .  A face-up is optionally available.

From the company:

Celebration of 15th LUTS EVENT


1. New Release Doll

Senior Delf ANI – NINE TAILS Limited

Senior65 Delf BREEZE – SPRITE Limited

2015. 09. 15 13:00~ 10. 15 17:00 – Korean time (period limited)

3.Release Event

1)Free animal ear parts

We will send free animal ear parts to every customer ordered Senior Delf ANI – NINE TAILS Limited Or Senior65 Delf BREEZE – SPRITE Limited.

Point x 5 Event

If you are the customer who did order Haunted series (ZuZu delf/Kid Delf) of 2013 before.

We will send to you point * 5~!!!

-How to join Point * 5 Event!!

1-Order Senior Delf ANI – NINE TAILS Limited Or Senior65 Delf BREEZE – SPRITE Limited

2-Please let us know order number or picture of certificate card trough Q&A

or E-mail(lutsdoll@hotmail.com)

3-Use point after we send.

** Warning- It should to have ID for send to point *
*Point is will send at 22th Oct. at once.



1.Goods Sale event

Period: 2015. 09. 15 13:00~ 10. 02 17:00 (18 Days) – Korean time

Event item: Wig 30%
Cloths 10~30%
Shoes 10~30% Sale

*Some of new item is not include Sale.

2.Daily Sale event

Period: 2015. 09. 15 13:00~ 09 26 13:00 – Korean time

Event item: Random Item (Will open every 13:00 Korean time,And close 13: 00 Korean time next day)



breeze ani

Range head

Range head