Withdoll News

WithDoll is preparing for Halloween with new tiny dolls. They have also  re-released “Witch Maids” Emma and Ruby.

Ruby and Emma are sold as basic dolls with optional face-up, wig, outfit and boots. Resin color options include white, cream white, rose white, normal, gray, brown tan, rosy brown, sweet green, and UV protectant real, gray, rosy brown or brown tan resin. Breast size small or large may be selected. The 41 cm tall dolls come with a pair of acrylic eyes, both flat and heel feet and two extra hands.

From the company:

Dear Fan of Withdoll,

We will release new BWD (16cm) limited edition dolls in September for Halloween.
They have sharp ears and animal horns and legs.
And we will re-release 2014’s BWD Dolls together.
They will be sold in limited quantities at a 10% discount.

Also, we have re-released Halloween ver. Emma and Ruby.
Sale period is Sep. 14 to Sep. 19.
It will be sold in small quantities at a 10% discount.
This item could be sold out before the end of the sale period.
Because we have small quantities of outfits.
If you missed the latest sale, Please don’t let this chance go by.

And thank you for your interest in [Repuria, Island of Fog] editions.
We will let you know the stock quantity.
Margery is 9, Cecily is 2, and Adriana is 18.
We ask for your continuous interest.