NineNine Day

Nine9 Style is holding a 1-day event that is going on now.

From the company:

Hello this is Nine9 Style~
Did you know that Today, September 9th is NineNine day?

We’ve done Ninenine day event Three times before

1st Ninenine’s day was held only on our store.
That day, we’ve give all of our visitors googoocorn(it’s Korean homephone-goo means number nine!)
2nd Ninenine day, free beverage is provided to our store visitors.
3rd Ninenine day, we did 30% off sale on secret new face bunnynine doll only on Korean on/offline mall.

And This Time!!! Finally!!!!
We do event not only in Korea on/offline market but also in worldwide online market!!!

On 4th Ninenine day, we provide two Special events For the bunnynine mall user!!
1. GET Extra head If you buy bunnynine doll today!!
2. GET 10% Discound on specific items
– Discount is not going to be shown in payment prograss, but it’s already discounted price! Don’t worry!

Don’t Miss This Chance and have pretty bunnynine with you;D
*For the Overseas Customer, We specially provide you this special chance until September 10th
(based on Korean Standard Time)