Crobi News

Crobi Doll will introduce a new M-line girl and a new slender “maiden” body soon.

From the company:

M-Line girl new type sale and body option added.

For BJD CROBI M-Line girl body option , there will be ‘maiden body (split type) with “chaste body(split type) and “temptation body(integrated type).

“Maiden body” is slimmer than existing split body, “chaste body” and
expresses more girlish body line well matched with baby doll dress.

Maiden body option will be applied with new M-Line girl doll released.
As well as new girl doll, existing general doll, Xia/Juno/Heena are also available to select maiden body option.

New M-Line girl and maiden body will be on sale from 11th, Sep., of 2015 and we hope your attentions and supports, please.