UnoAlchemy Halloween Unoa Event

UnoAlchemy is offering a limited number of Halloween special Unoas in Monster Skin resin.

From the company:

UnoAlchemy is excited to announce our Halloween event for 2015! This year we are offering a special treat: Monsters and Myths! This is an exclusive event that is only being offered to UnoAlchemy customers, and these dolls will not be sold in Japan. This time international buyers get them first!

This Halloween, we are proud to introduce the limited Edition Monster Skin Unoa boys. These dolls are limited to only 40 worldwide, and when they are sold the color will not be produced again. Because of the limited nature of the color, each kit includes six faceplates and additional clasping hands.

Alchemic Labo wanted to create a special event for Unoalchemy, so these kits are VERY affordable to offer more people a chance to customize their own monster or mythical boy. Each kit is $350 (includes international shipping), and includes:

Unoa 1.5 boy in Monster Skin color
Six faceplates: Default L-bi and B-el, and Decadent L-bi, B-el, Lusis, and Sist
Additional clasping hands

These dolls can be ordered throughout September and will be shipped as soon as possible to allow plenty of time for delivery by Halloween.

To order, please email unoalchemy@gmail.com and request one.
Many more images on the website: http://www.unoalchemy.com
Alchemic Labo notice of UnoAlchemy as official distributors: http://www.renkinjyutsu.com/overseas