ImplDoll 6th Anniversary Event

ImplDoll has launched their 6th anniversary event. For the last time, the company will be offering free baby line dolls as gifts with qualifying purchases. Customers may select their gift doll sculpt and resin color. Optional face-up, body blushing and carriage bag may be ordered for the gift doll.

From the company:

I’d like to declare the opening of 6th anniversary event!

We planned to choose the newly developed machine dolls as anniversary gift. But we received many suggests on this anniversary activity. Many customers wanted 1/6 dolls as an anniversary gift again.

We are very pleased to take your advice. The specific content is that:

For every consumption of $330(not including shipping cost), you can choose a free baby doll;
For every consumption of $660(not including shipping cost), you can choose 2 free baby doll;

We still offer free color mix for Star and Idol line doll body.

Installment is also welcomed, the lowest down payment is $200 and there is no time limit. We have exclusive events page for customers to choose free doll, including make-up and body brushing.

PS: Due to the increasing cost, we won’t choose Baby Line doll as gift any more. We hope that we would make some exclusive products as a gift. Don’t miss this opportunity.


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