Last 18M Classic Event

DollShe Craft will be retiring all 18M Classic dolls.  For the next month, customers will have one last chance to order them. All the BJDs are being offered at a discount price. A new Classic line with a new body and new heads will be introduced sometime this winter. The order information may be found Here: http://dollshecraft.com/product-category/18m-classic-2/.

From the company:

Both Old 18M CLASSIC head and body will be discontinued

We have announced that we will unify the 18M Classic bodies and make one body for it and the heads will be re-released after modifying the structure. However, we have decided to discontinue all the heads that are compatible with the old 18M Classic body. Unfortunately, Hound, Saint, Bernard and Aramis heads will be discontinued as well.
We will be providing the last discount promotion event

We will be providing last chance to order the heads and bodies at discounted rate of 30% for the next one month only.
Doll composition

OE Head + SA Head + body
Promotion Period
August 27th – September 27th

Shipping Schedule

We have stopped taking order for over a year so the current silicone mold cannot be used. We will have to reproduce the silicon mold for all 18M Classic heads and bodies. It will take about 2-3 months until we are able to ship the orders. If there are any unexpected changes to this schedule, we will announce it immediately.