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Raccoon Doll is a brand new company from Korea. Doll artist Sang Yoon’s debut work shows a maturity of design that reflects his 10 years of experience at another doll company. Raccoon Doll was launched to allow him to create BJDs in his own vision.

Q: Can you tell me a about what led you to become a doll maker?

hands1 300A: Since I was very young, I liked to make things with my hands, so I majored in sculpting at the university.  One day I found out about ball jointed dolls, and I was really interested. It was so interesting that a doll can move and pose just with elastic string and ball joints.

So I started searching for Korean ball jointed doll companies and found Iplehouse and Dollshe. They were the companies which produced  dolls in my taste, and I worked as a hired sculptor for almost 10 years in a BJD company. Since I belonged to the company, I was limited in making my own style of doll. The urge got bigger and bigger, and finally I decided to start my own business, Raccoon Doll.

Q: Why did you decide to name your company Raccoon Doll?

A: My nickname was Raccoon when I was young. Since I will be introducing dolls that are made by me, I thought it would be good to name my company Raccoon Doll – Dolls made by Raccoon. 😀

Q: Why did you choose to make your first dolls 1/4 size?

A: First, I personally like 1/4 size dolls. SD size dolls are too big and heavy for my taste. I also like mature, realistic looking dolls, but dolls in the market with mature and realistic face are all SD size, so I decided to make a mature looking doll in 1/4 size myself.

Q: You really captured the style of 1940’s pin-up girls with your dolls. What drew you to that theme?

torsoA: My girls have an hourglass type body and I wanted to maximize their figure, and I thought a pin-up style would be the best way to maximize the beauty of the body.  Sartoria J made two wonderful outfits for me.

Q: I noticed on your site that doll clothes and male doll categories are already listed. Are you working on any clothing and accessories for your dolls right now?

A: Yes, we are designing the next outfits, but it will take some time until we can release them. Currently we are considering various styles. If you have any suggestion for new outfit, please share it with me. It will be really helpful in selecting the next item.

Q: When do you hope to introduce male dolls?

A:  I will release a male doll too, but it will take a lot of time. Since it took me about a year to make the girls, I think it will be around next summer.

Q: Do think you will eventually make dolls in other sizes?

A: I haven’t thought about other size dolls yet, but there is always a possibility. First, I have to work on new heads, a male body and some other things, so it will take some time even if I decide to work on other sizes.

Q: Are you working on any new doll heads?

A: Yes, I am currently working on a new head. It will be totally different from Lucy and Sarah, and I want to introduce her soon.


Photos above: Hands and torso of Raccoon girl body in-progress

Raccoon Doll



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face-up A

Face-up B

Face-up B

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lucy A

Face-up A

lucy B

Face-up B

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body front

body back