Fanny in Ice and Snow

Nympheas Dolls is preparing to release new versions of Fanny the Deer next month.  The dolls will be made with glow-in-the-dark resin.

From the artist:

I am pleased to announce that Fanny back for a new pre-order in pretty colors Ice (blue) and Snow (white) that glow in the dark!
For this order i offer  ‘factory’ make up only and you can choose to change the basic eyes by very pretty Ersaflora eyes. The order is open from September 1st to September 30th, Fanny will not return until a long time because i have to leave the place for other dolls so not miss her 🙂

I must also tell you about a second important subject, because of the Euro falling and my factory rising prices  I can not afford to keep my current rates, if I want to continue to create and pay for new models, pre-orders and also keep me firstly to all the full-time job that I do, I have to raise my prices, from now all prices will be revised upwards. To offset this price increase I put in place a new system of payment by installments or you can pay a fixed sum every month and choose to pay half, € 100 / month or 60 € / month until the total due is repaid. For example: for an order of € 280 pay € 60 for 4 months and then € 40 last month.

Thank you for your support and understanding <3

fanny snow ice


With Ersa Flora orb eyes

With Ersa Flora orb eyes

With Ersa Flora snowflake eyes

With Ersa Flora snowflake eyes

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