Pink and Tan ver. Lovely My Kittens

Latidoll has opened sales for one day only for 16cm tall Lovely my Kittens full-set dolls.

From the company:

“Lovely my Kittens” Limited On-line sales open

To response enormous requests from dear customers, we have decided to open the sales page of “Lovely my Kitten” Limited for “one day”

Order date : AM 11:00 21th August ~ AM 11:00 22th August (in Korean time)

Please refer to the detail below.
-Pink Sophie HK version
-Tan Sophie Taiwan version(available to change or add Mystic head)
*Only Full set(doll, outfits, wig and shoes all included) is available
**Wink version will not be on sale.



"Mystic" head

“Mystic” head