Repuria, Island of Fog LE Adriana

WithDoll‘s  limited edition doll Adriana, the Circus Girl is available in limited quantities. Only 50 dolls will be sold.  57.5cm tall Adriana will come with both a normal head and a “cracked” head. She may be ordered in a variety of resin colors including white, cream white, rose white, normal, gray and UV protectant real or gray tan resin. Options for Adriana include a face-up for the regular head, a face-up for the cracked head (only available when ordered in white resin), Oscar jewel eyes, wig, outfit (gown, corset, shorts, belt,choker, leg garters), shoes and accessories (two knives and mask). A second doll body may be additionally purchased.

From the company:

Repuria, Island of Fog / Adriana, the circus girl


– 10% off the original price

– Offer special head (Cracked head)

She has two type head. Cracked head and normal head.
We will offer the cracked head for free.
Optional body for second head can be sold.

This doll will not be re-released for basic doll.
Don’t miss your opportunity.

And the story will be open soon.
We ask for your continued support.





adriana_head_01 adriana_head_02