Migidoll Pre-orders Open

Migidoll has re-released 1/3 size Cynical Yujin with a new default face-up.   The company is offering a free face-up or store points to customers that order C.Yujin. B skin is available again. The Guy Body is being retired at the end of the month.  Customers may purchase it one last time at a special discounted price.

From the company:

1. August sales products and dates.

– M-Series : All Dolls (Except vampire dolls)
– C-Series : Bean, Emma, Ruby, Toto

* Sale : From August 13 to 27.

2. Free makeup event!

C.Yujin will be newly released with fresh makeup.
Therefore, all the customers who purchase C.Yujin will get a new makeup free,
or 30 points instead of makeup.

3. Surprise open! – B type skin (2nd)

As per lots of customer’s requests on 1st sale, we add the body on 2nd sale.
so the head will be on resale.

B type skin is compatible with Volks™ skin but not perfect.
Skin color feels differ from individuals, therefore please reconsider the order if you are sensitive about skin color.
The exchange & refund for difference of skin are unacceptable.
You can place your order on Surprise category.

** Heads on sale (2nd)
– Yujin, Ryeong, Cho, Jina, Jean, Siho, Ell, Ryu, Yuri, Ryo, Mu, Miho, Hyeon, Shion, Joe.

* Sale : From August 13 to 27.

4. Good-by event for M-Style type Guy Body!

The production of guy body will be discontinued with some regrets.
It will be the last sale of Guy body at 30% discounted amount this month.

* Sale : From August 13 to 27.

5. Notice of skin.

From August, all the dolls will be on sale as normal, white & suntan skins basically.


c yujin

C. Yujin

C. Yujin

guy body

Guy body