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Nympheas Dolls has extended the pre-order of Tit’Pousse until August 20th.  More information on Tit’Pousse can be found HERE. He may be ordered HERE.

To celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of the opening of Nympheas, the artist K6 is holding a contest.

From the company:

For the 3rd consecutive year the anniversary contest 🙂

Every year that passes is an immense source of happiness for me, your support gives me a lot of energy and inspiration, I hope to continue to offer the dolls that you will love for a long time

this year’s contest theme is “Dolls make me …”
because many people who do not know this environment unaware how the dolls can bring us little happiness, inspiration!


The winner will receive the Basic doll of his choice* in my stock or pre orders to come,
I will care for the shipping costs and make-up can be added for free.
5 others winners will receive a voucher for 10%


1- Share the image below on Pinterest, facebook, flickr and / or instagram
2- Add a comment that completes the phrase “Dolls make me … Happy” for example, you can be sincere or funny, because no matter the winner will be drawn, the exercise serves mainly to have fun, express themselves, it is not necessary to only put one word you can write an entire paragraph if you want 🙂
3- Tag #Nympheasdolls on your sharing
4- Specify the url sharing on this form: www.nympheasdolls.com/dolls-make-me


– If you share other images than those created for the purpose, your participation will not be taken.
– You can share the picture on Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest.
– It is not necessary to send me an email or private message, the form takes care of everything and you will receive a confirmation that the dice will be validated if it is not if you can write me at this address:k6@nympheasdolls.com
– 1 url = 1 chance to win. To determine the winner I would draw lots 6 participations, the person who most shared image will be the winner of the competition, if there’s a tie participants a draw again achieved them. (with a dedicated software)

The competition is open until 31 August 2015 to your keyboard: D!

* Basic Doll without wig or clothing, Joy will not be available from the doll of choice to gain.

(enregistrez la sur votre ordinateur puis partagez la / save it on your computer and then share it )



For instagram: