Kylin – YinQi

LoongSoul has released a new Ancient Legend doll.

Kylin – YinQi is available in both a fantasy and human version. Each of the 73.5cm tall BJDs are available as limited editions of 60 dolls. YinQui may be ordered in a choice of resin in normal pink, normal yellow or white or imported resin normal pink, normal yellow, white or tan.

Fantasy Kylin – YinQi comes with horns, both human and pointed ear sets, painted armor and spear, a random color pair of eyes, a wig and full outfit. Options include a face-up, body blushing and jointed hands.

The human version is being sold as a blank basic doll (version I or II  body) with a random color pair of eyes included. Options for  human YinQi include a face-up,  wig and outfit.

Loongsoul dolls are available from the company and through their authorized retailers.


Fantasy Kylin – YinQi:

Kylin - YinQi fantasy

Kylin - YinQi fantasy2

Human Kylin – YinQi:

Kylin - YinQi human_11

Kylin - YinQi human_02

Kylin - YinQi 20