Blue Beard Soi Day Dream

Crobi Doll has released Blue Beard Soi Day Dream version. The doll is a limited edition of 5.

From the company:

[Blue Beard SOI Ver. Day Dream Superior Limited ]

Item : SOI Ver. Day Dream

Skin : Cookie Cream

Body : BJD CROBI M-Line Girl Body _ Ver. Chaste Body ( Heel Leg + Flat Feet )

Body :

Chaste Body (split type)

Tall (Including head): flat foot 59 cm / heel foot 61 cm

Including items: Soi Day Dream Head, BJD CROBI M-Line Girl Body (Chaste Body + Heel Leg), Flat Foot parts,

a box for Soi Day Dream with blankets, glass eyes , clothes, wig, a pair of shoes, special makeup service, the certificate

Default Wig : CRWL-124 (Smoky Silver)

Including items : Dress, Corset-Armor, Arm-Armor, Leg-Armor, Mask, Stocking, Panties ( Total 7 pcs. )

* It’ll be sale on Aug. 7th, 06:00 pm. (Korea standard time)

* It’s a limited edition and we’ll sell it only 5ea world wide.

* It’s including make up, clothes, wig, shoes as a full set doll.




Blue Beard Soi