Rosen Lied for August

Rosen Lied‘s schedule for August has been posted.  Due to the large volume of orders, the company stopped pre-orders of Holiday’s Child basic Bambi. A second order period will open at the end of August.

From the company:

Hello everyone, this is Rosen Lied.
Here is our schedule for August.

– August 7th

Restock of basic items and update of The One dolls

The One : Tuesday’s Child Beige – Monde de Pinoccio IX
Make up by Chano
Outfit by Moi Atelier

The One : Holiday’s Child BeBe – Monde de Pinoccio IX
Make up by Kana
Outfit by GiGiker

– August 11th ~ 16th

Rosenlied will not be working during August 11th ~ 16th due to summer vacation.
There is no problem with shopping on our site but help desk and shipping will not be available.
All service will be available on regular basis from the next day (August 17th).

– August 28th

Second sale of Holiday’s child limited basic Bambi

* Quantity will be limited and will be sold on first come first serve basis.
* 1 person can only order up to 5 dolls including first sales.
If you ordered 5 dolls on first sale, you can’t make order on second sale.
If order quantity exceed the limit, it will be canceled without notice.
* Orders must be paid within 3 days from the order.
* Orders made from Korean site can only be shipped to address in Korea
and this applies to other Rosenlied’s sites as well.
Please order from site according to your region.


Tuesday's Child Beige

Tuesday’s Child Beige

Holiday's Child BeBe

Holiday’s Child BeBe

Bambi season limited

Bambi season limited