Ensō Eyes Giveaway

Ensō Eyes has announced a gift raffle.

From the company:

The day has come for the First Ensō Eyes Giveaway*

To celebrate this first event, I have a bunch of eyes
as give away for you

All the details: http://www.dead–end.com/2015/07/ens…-giveaway.html

Event starts today (26th of July 2015 till 1st of August 2015 (00:00 midnight)
I’ll draw names on Sunday the 2nd of August,
and announce results the same day, after 21:00 (9 PM) GMT+2

Rules are simple

1. Share the info about the Ensō Eyes Giveaway
(blog, Facebook, Flickr, Tweet, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.)
2. Comment below this post with:
– link to your share, or link to screenshot photo 🙂
– write a list of seven eye numbers in a line,
starting with eye you like the most as the first number 🙂
(eg. 3, 2 and 7, where 3 is the pair you want the most, then 2 and so on :))
3. Fallow my Blog or my Flickr account 🙂

I will draw 7 people from all the comments,
will check your list of eyes and will give the first available 🙂
If your fav pair is already taken, you’ll get the next available pair from your list 🙂
One person, gets only one pair 🙂


enso eyes