Ceyran Last Pre-order

Fairytales-Treasures has decided to offer previously discontinued Ceyran one last time. If enough customers order her, the company will have the  The slender 59cm tall BJD cast one last time.

From Fairytales-Treasures:
We recently received several requests from customers who missed the preorder for Ceyran in beige tan skin. Unfortunately, this model is currently out of stock. The preorder took place a while ago and all the stock that we ordered has been sold.

Kaominy and I have pondered the question, as our preorders are usually a one-time offer. We’ve eventually decided to treat you with a last preorder for our 60cm model in an exclusive color!

But in order to benefit both parties, we need at least 20 participants for this preorder. As an expression of our appreciation, we offer a layaway up to 6 instalments, with no extra charges on the initial price: 575€ (without shipping fees and options).

All terms and details for the inclusion of Ceyran for preorder are here: http://lantreduchaminou.blogspot.fr/p/shop_24.html

Signing up is easy : you just have to send us an email at: Fairytales-treasures@orange.fr

If you have questions, do not hesitate especially to contact us, Kaominy and I will be happy to answer you!

Thank you to all and don’t hesitate to share if we want to reach 20 participants!


Clothes set 1

Clothes set 2