Sephie Update

Sephie Doll Shop will soon offer various in-stock BJDs for sale.  Some of the dolls are one-of-a-kind.

From the company:


From next July 25th, we will put some BJDs we have in stock up for sale, in particular:

Faline: Helianth Reddish Brown Skin* with special makeup + eyelashes and blushing, wig and handmade crown of flowers and horns.

Lobo: Helianth Grey Skin* with special makeup and fullset.

Alicia: Helianth Butter Skin with makeup (incl. lashes) and fullset.

Any of these models can be purchased without the fullset of clothes and wig, at a lower price.

(*) Note that both Faline and Lobo are unique dolls, as they are made in a special resin color, and have a unique makeup.


Faline: Helianth- reddish-brown skin

Faline: Helianth – reddish-brown skin

Lobo: Helianth - grey skin

Lobo: Helianth – grey skin

Alicia Helianth Butter Skin