Miracle Dolls Summer Promotion

Stacy’s Pink Ocean has added a new Chinese doll company to the website. Chinese company Miracle Doll offers dolls in 1/2, 1/4 and 1/6 sizes. Resin color choices include normal, white and tan. Face-up service is not available.

From SPO:

MiracleDoll is a BJD company in China, the dolls are very wonderful.

MiracleDoll Summer Promotion:

MiracleDoll Summer promotion is from July 20 to August 31.
1.You can get 10% off if you order a nude doll or a body. All sizes dolls are included.
2.You can get 8% off if you order a head.The heads of 1/6 dolls are not included.
3.You can get 12% off if the orders are above 5 dolls in the event.

This summer promotion is only on Stacy’s Pink Ocean.

Please visit the below website to check more details.





miracle 2