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A New Doll Line by ImplDoll


This past spring, Chinese company Impldoll introduced the new Dream’s Art line. There are now two dolls available, both girls. They are named Belinda and Nancy. The BJDs are 32cm tall with slender-bodies and over-sized heads. Both sculpts have animal ears and character faces. The company sent me one of each doll so I could check them out.

My Belinda came cast in white resin and Nancy was cast in light grey. The dolls were sent blank. A fortunate break in our usual muggy summer weather and thunderstorms allowed me just enough time to finish two face-ups and take some photos. In the near future, I hope to add partial body blushing as well.


belinda nancy 1
belinda nancy4

belinda nancy1

Once I finished coloring the faces, I found a wig and some eyes for each doll.  I decided to try to get both to stand.  I honestly didn’t think that they would, but as you can see, I was wrong.  In fact, they stood easily.


dolls standing

Nancy’s and Belinda’s heads are large and top a thin neck, but the heads do not bobble.The Dream’s Art dolls come with double jointed knees and elbows.  The company sculpted lovely hands with separated fingers. The fingers of the left hand curl a little inward and could be used to grasp objects. The feet are also carefully sculpted with open spaces between the toes.  The knee joints work well.



Sometimes making the arm fold inward at the elbow bending at both sides of the joint caused one side to spring back out of position.  The joints work, but it may take a little patience to position them. This is possibly due to the small double joint elbow piece.  On the plus side, the bent elbow looks more natural than if the piece was a bigger oval shape.


nancy belinda4

Belinda and Nancy both were able to wear stretchy 5-6 wigs from Jpop and a few random 6-7 size wigs  fit as well. In the photos, they are both wearing 12mm eyes. 14mm eyes may fit depending on the iris size.

I tried a few articles of clothing on my girls from various 19 to 26cm dolls. Some fit Belinda and Nancy.  Due to their long bodies, a dress became a top and a top fit like a crop-top. Stretchy items and elastic sleeves and waistbands can help with the fit, but small sleeve openings will not fit over the Dream’s Art hands. I am hoping to make their doll outfits based on some of Rajendora’s doll clothing tutorials sometime in the future.

Do I recommend these dolls?  Definitely.  If you like  fantasy dolls,  you likely will find them fun to customize. As the company offers a wide variety of resin colors for their BJDs, the Dream’s Art dolls lend themselves to many possible characters. As always, the Impldoll resin is very good quality.  I found the sanding on the bodies smooth with no visible marks. I look forward to another break in the summer heat to complete the blushing on my dolls.

 All photos above by BJDcollectasy

Nancy and Belinda by ImplDoll


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