Miro Doll News

Miro Doll is holding a Summer Event that will run until the end of August. The company has also discontinued taking orders for two resin colors at this time and has changed their color matching service.

From the company:

Miro Doll Summer promotion is from July 18 to August 31.

During this period, we offer 38% discount on the dolls, heads and bodies, 10% discount on the new 72cm boys and XM dolls, 30% discount on the shoes.

Besides, we offer some extra gifts for such orders
1)For orders over $100, we send a pair of glass eyes.
2) For orders over $200, we send one 1/3 doll head.
3)For orders over $300, we send one 1/4 doll body.
4)For orders over $500, we send one 1/3 full doll(including body and head,skin color is limited to Normal Skin and White skin)
5)For orders over $888 we offer free shipping.

During this period, we will discontinue dark chocolate and black dolls. We will continue to offer color matching service, but the color matching fee will rise to $35 for one color, if customer only make one doll body in the color. If customers make 3 or more bodies in the custom color, we do not charge color matching fee.