Marbled Halls Update

Connie Lowe of Marbled Halls has released a newsletter with updates for summer and fall. She is taking orders for a new doll named Moppet. She is will now be selling products on Etsy.

Highlights from the newsletter:

Twig is arriving now and will start shipping next week.

Moppet’s preorder opened on Facebook, but I have been negligent on opening her order publicly, so I am doing that now. She will pre-order until the end of July, and she will arrive in September. I have attached her photo.
She is a baby Sprocket sized version of Marta. She is available in a full set and add $20 if you want shoes. Blanks are also available.

I will be taking preorders in September for a darker tan version…coffee colored as a smaller version of Lizzie, her name Lizbet.

I am having a virtual sale on FaceBook this Friday and Saturday. Hope you can join me. It will be evening hours on Friday and afternoon and evening hours on Saturday. I will post the time on Facebook . There will be prizes and contests too, hope you can join us there!

For those of you who don’t do Facebook, I will be filling my Etsy shop soon. It is under the name Marbled halls.

I am headed to Austin at the end of the month for BJDCON. Hope to see many of you there!!! I have some amazing things in the works!

In the works…clothes for Pocket Sprockets and I will also offer extra wigs.

I will have new sculpts towards the end of the year!

I will be in Reno for MDCC ,Modern Doll Con with the show doll Poppet. Its sure to be fun as always!