Trébol Update

Sephie Doll Shop will release their new doll Trébol in August. The 16cm tall doll will be cast in butter skin resin. Trébol will include three face-plates: happy, sleeping and elf. One face-plate will be sent painted. Options include painting for the other two face-plates, and pairs of kitty ears and horns.

Changes will be made to the company’s pre-order periods.

From the company:

We have been obliged to change the method of sale for resin items (BJDs and optional parts) due to organizational and economic matters (expiration of materials, realization of different molds, etc.). Therefore, from time to time we will open preorders and sales of BJDs we have in stock. For this circumstance, it will be no longer possible to order any BJD outside the indicated periods. However, we will try to make preorders of the available models according to your preferences, so do not forget to add your favorites to the WishList (heart button) of your username, so we know what you prefer. Also, you can send an email to info@sephiedollshop.com if you have interest in a specific model.

In general, the production period is one month from the end of the preorder (except for preorders made in summer, which we will indicate the production time, as the upcoming Trébol preorder). As always, we will keep you informed about the status of your order, both on our website (within your user) or via email.

Sorry if someone is affected by these changes, but for us it is really necessary because of economic and organizational reaseons and we have therefore redesigned the selling model in this way, having increased the number of models of BJD.

sephie 1Trébol


trebol tree

Trébol faces