Prince in Uniform Outfit

FreedomTeller is taking orders for the Prince in Uniform Outfit. The sets come in  Volks 1/3 and various 70cm doll sizes and in Iplehouse doll SID and EID sizes.

From the company:

Limited ‘Prince in Uniform’ Pre-order Period on FreedomTeller.com
(SD17, 13, EID, SID & 70cm Homme)

Limited [ Prince in Uniform ] Outfit Update


We’re here to inform you about the update of our newest limited set [ Prince in Uniform. ]

This set is Freedom Teller’s re-creation of a traditional prince uniform.

By matching tux styled vest, shirt and pants with a traditional uniform jacket, we finished this set to be a high-class formal uniform set.

We gave symbolic feature to the sleeves of the jacket by using tri-colored stripes and added accents with a badge and a pendant. Also the teardrop shaped bead and gold accents finish the bow tie and sash to very delicate looking pieces.

* We prepared this set in 2 different colors – Dark Navy and White. Please select the color from the drop-down option.

* All other pieces other than the jacket and pants are all crated in same colors for both sets. Please refer to the photos for the colors and details.

* The gloves may not fit your doll depending on the hand parts’ shape. Please take a note of this.

* The hat is an optional additional piece. Please add it to your order if you’d like it to be included with your set.

SD13 and 17 and 70cm doll:


Prince in Uniform Outfit 1

Iplehouse EID and SID:


prince eidPrince in Uniform Outfit 2