Baby Line, Petitcorn and Kentauros

The Baby line Petitcorn have returned to April Story. The dolls are available for only a few days.

Dasom and Dasom Dreaming and the Petitcorn are available. The 1/6 side human dolls may also be ordered in a “kentauros” doll set.

Dasom and Dasom Dreaming are available in normal or white skin resin. They are sold blank with an optional face-up.

The Petitcorn creatures are cast in white resin with a choice of transparent blue, pink, green, brown or black unicorn horn, mane and tail. Customers may select eyes with or without a pupil. An optional face-up is available.

Kentauros version Dasom and Dasom Dreaming come in a choice of normal or white resin.  The human doll come with a separate Petitcorn.  The upper part of the doll may also be attached to the body of the Petitcorn creating the Kentauros.

The Baby line dolls will be available for order until April 18th at 11:00 PM Korean time.  At this time, the company is also holding a Summer Event.  To see this and other events, please visit the  Company/Retail Sale Events page on BJDcollectasy.


Dasom Dreaming with a Petitcorn

Dasom Dreaming with a Petitcorn

Dasom assembeld into a Kentauros

Dasom assembled into a Kentauros