Nympheas Dolls News

Artist K6 of Nympheas Dolls is introducing new tit’ Pousse this month.

From the artist:

I am very happy to present my new creation, tit’ Pousse a tiny 6cm doll,
she have magnets in her feet and as she is light you could magnetize her easily! (you can choose to add a translucent optional cocoon).

As it was impossible to make a choice from the rainbow color I had in sample I decided to put the 4 colors for pre-order: Mint (glow), bubble, soft green (glow), Violet …
and for you to have to do a little less difficult choice, the second tit’pousse will cost € 30 less.

Second specificity, I propose 6 different types of mouths to be able to vary his expressions, be careful mouths are only “painted” on the original mouth, the molds are exactly the same.
Pre-orders have places of 20th July to 10th August!