Doll Leaves Event

Doll Leaves has introduced a new event for summer.  A free Noir head is offered with qualifying purchases. A full Noir doll comes with a discount, and all blank dolls come with a free default face-up option.

From the company:

Happy Summer Holiday!
Doll Leaves is bringing the wonderful summer event for you:

Time: 10th Jul ~ 31stAug 2015
1. During event time, purchasing any Doll Leaves basic products (shipping fee not included) equal or over USD300, will get a free gift Noir blank head (skin color options: Normal / White)

If you order 1/3 male body for Noir at the same time, body will get 10% off discount ; 2. During event time, purchasing any blank doll (head+body), can get free makeup service (only default makeup) ; Note: You can only choose one gift option for one order. Thank you. DOLL LEAVES TEAM