LittleRebel News

LittleRebel has posted a schedule for July.

From the company:

Sp. Jelle & Tenten
(from July 11th at 16.00 CEST)

Collaboration with the Dutch artist Softpoison
(only 1 available of each)

includes: doll head painted by Softpoison, glass eyes, fur wig, box and certificate
more info:


stock from the Dolls & Party event
on July 12th (12.00h CEST)

– 1 Seven head (ns), custom by Lúa Garo
– 2 Jelle heads (ns), blank
-1 Momo (grey), painted by LittleRebel
-1 Momo (grey), full set by Jin / Merry Doll Round
-1 Momo (grey), custom by Lúa Garo
-1 Momo (ns), custom by Lúa Garo


Aleksander & Svein pre-order
July 25th (16.00h CEST)

Doll heads available in normal and white skin

~ thanks!


Heads painted by Softpoison:


Dolls and heads from Dolls & Party Event:

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 6.26.42 AM