Migidoll News

Migidoll has posted their schedule for July. A new M-Style doll will be released. A discount event is planned, and “B skin” resin for some head sculpts will be offered this month.

From the company:

1. July sales products and dates.

– M-Series : Joe, Yuri, Ryo, Mu

* Sale : From July 17 to 27.
2. New arrival “Joe” of M-style type.

Migidoll releases “Joe” that is a new doll of M-style type.

* Sale : From July 17 to 27.

* Event
20% discount sale to celebrate a new doll.

3. Surprise open! – B type skin.

As per many customer’s request, we release B type skin for some heads.
B type skin is compatible with Volks’ skin but not perfect.
Skin color feels differ from individuals, therefore please reconsider the order if you are sensitive about skin color.
The exchange & refund for difference of skin are unacceptable.
You can place your order on Surprise category.

** Heads on sale(1st)

– Ryu, Yuri, Ryo, Mu, Miho, Hyeon, Joe(20% of discount), Shion.

* Sale : From July 17 to 27.

** Heads on sale(2nd)

– Yujin, Ryeong, Cho, Jina, Jean, Siho, Ell.

* Sale : August.
4. New wigs will be on sale!!

Migidoll releases a new wig after a long time, and you can arrange an advance order at 30% discounted amount for 3 wigs.

* Reservation : From July 17 to 27.


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