Peak’s Woods Summer Event Part 1

The Peak’s Woods Summer Event Part 1 is about to begin. For the next month, the 1/4 size FOB line girl dolls with be offered with new Little Muse bodies. The body is also being sold separately. Three new romantic-eyed sculpts are being introduced, along with new face-up styles for open and romantic-eyed dolls. All FOB dolls and parts are also being discounted. Four outfits, each in a pink or blue version, may be ordered with a doll.

From the company:

Our FOBs are finally back with a new body and we’ve prepared new moulds and fun event for more fun for you.

Here is the information below.


*FOB New Girl Body Release

:”FOB Body “Little Muse” will be released and it will stay for sale separately after the event.


*FOB Makeup Renewal

:Current and new FOBs have now new basic makeups.


*FOB New Moulds Release

:From now on every FOB’s wake up version  starts its name with Romantic and we are releasing three new moulds as follow.

1.Romantic Mori Moth (wake up version of Mori Moth)

2.Romantic KoonieS (wake up version of KoonieS)

3.Romantic Mia (wake up version of Mia de Butterfly)

(Wake up Lady Bee will be called Romantic Lady Bee)


*Welcome Back Event

1.Event Period : July 1st ~ July 31st

2.10% DISCOUNT will be offered for FOB dolls and parts during the event

3.Basically same as FOC Farewell Event.

1)4 skin colors (Normal, White, Suntan, Lavender-pink) will be offered for every FOBs.

2)Two versions of special make up will be offered for open and half open eyed dolls.


Romantic Mia

Romantic Mia

Romantic Koonie S.

Romantic Koonie S.

Romantic Mori Moth

Romantic Mori Moth

1/4 Little Muse body

1/4 Little Muse body

*This is the example of Special Make up for open eyed dolls.

face- up for open eyed dolls.