Loongsoul Summer Event

LoongSoul has announced a Summer Event.  Free gifts are included with qualifying purchases.

From the company:

Loongsoul Summer Event

A. You will get two gifts of its size when you purchase a doll during the event period.
(You can choose from wig, shoes, eyes, bracket, normal hands and high heeled feet, gifts will be chosen randomly, limited dolls are valid for this promotion.)

B. You will get a Dragon Doggy SP when you purchasing common dolls and related items for 900 dollars and above.

C. You will get a Eloise (Centaur Version) when you purchasing common dolls and related items for 2800 dollars and above.
(Normal resin only, if you want imported resin, price difference will be added.)

PS: ① Color matching for single body is not included.
②These events can not be combined, postage is not included.

Dragon Doggy

Dragon Doggy

Eloise Unicorn Centaur ver.

Eloise Unicorn Centaur ver.

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