Master of Dragon Released

The new themed dolls by Latidoll, Master of Dragon – the Quest from Wizard may now be pre-ordered. Six 16cm tall Lati Yellow line dolls are offered with optional full-sets.  One 12cm Lati White doll is also available. Free gifts including baby dragon figures and a Yellow line event head, Wink ver. Sunny, will be included with qualifying purchases.

From the company:

Lati’s ambitious new Limited “Master of Dragon ~the Quest from Wizard” is finally revealed!

Order duration: 24th June, 2015 ~ 15th July, 2015 (in Korean time)

Various special events are arranged for this Limited.
1. Among customers who order at least 1 Limited doll from the opening day to 30th June, we will randomly choose 20 lucky people and present 1 Dragon Pet(Purple or Grey skin tone/randomly sent) as a gift!!
*Gift Dragon Pet is un-brushed, if brushing is needed please leave message on the board. We will open personal order page for it.

2. To customers who order Full Package we will present 1 purple and 1 grey Dragon pets, and Sunny Wink ver. Head(no make-up) as gift regardless event period.
*Purple and Grey skin dragons are only able to meet through Event and Full Package.
*Full package gift Dragon pets are brushed.

3. Sunny wink head(no make-up), which Lati introduces for the first time, will be presented to the customers who purchase at least 1 Limited doll during 24th June~26th June.
*Only 1 Sunny head will be allocated per person. (to avoid duplicated orders for the gift we will check the order information)

From 27th June to 4th July, no make-up Sunny Wink ver. Head will be sold for $20.
*Sunny Wink head is event head and customers who order at least 1 Limited doll can purchase Wink Sunny.
** Please beware that 1 Limited doll means 1 Yellow Limited or 1 White Limited Full set

* Only 20 Brown Tan Haru will be on sale after order opening. Please be in hurry if you wish Haru ?
*New Head “T. Jia” is looking forward to meeting you!
Hope you join us to the adventure and fantasy with Lati’s new limited release “Master of Dragon”!!!


master of dragon

baby dragons

wink sunny