GuuDoll at Stacy’s Pink Ocean

Stacy’s Pink Ocean has added  a doll company to the website named GuuDoll. To celebrate their international launch, the company is offering discount prices on dolls and bodies for a limited time.

From the company:

★★Stacy’s Pink Ocean★★New doll company-GuuDoll and Special sales event!

Introduction of GuuDoll COMPANY

GuuDoll is a new BJD company in China.
Their dolls has very high quality ,All dolls are double jointed and they all have very beautiful faces .Many body parts can be choosed.The skin color:Pure skin normal and pureskin white are very similar to Volks skin color.So the bodies of Goodoll can be matched up with Volks head.such as SD10,SDgr.SD16.

Special sales event
GuuDoll Special Sales Event is beginning (2015.06.23 – 2015.7.31) :
1.You can get 10% if you order a nude doll.
2.You can get 5% off if you order a body.
3.3.You can get 15% off if the orders are above 5 dolls in the event.

Please visit the below website to check more details.






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