Master of Dragon – the Quest from Wizard

Latidoll will soon release a new series of dolls under the title Master of Dragon – the Quest from Wizard.

From the company:

Lati’s ambitious new Limited “Master of Dragon ~the Quest from Wizard” is finally revealed!

Order duration: 24th June, 2015 ~ 15th July, 2015 (in Korean time)

Various special events are arranged for this Limited.
1. Among customers who order at least 1 Limited doll from the opening day to 30th June, we will randomly choose 20 lucky people and present 1 Dragon Pet(Purple or Grey skin tone/randomly sent) as a gift!!
*Gift Dragon Pet is un-brushed, if brushing is needed please leave message on the board. We will open personal order page for it.

2. To customers who order Full Package we will present 1 purple and 1 grey Dragon pets, and Sunny Wink ver. Head(no make-up) as gift regardless event period.
*Purple and Grey skin dragons are only able to meet through Event and Full Package.
*Full package gift Dragon pets are brushed.

3. Sunny wink head(no make-up), which Lati introduces for the first time, will be presented to the customers who purchase at least 1 Limited doll during 24th June~26th June.
*Only 1 Sunny head will be allocated per person. (to avoid duplicated orders for the gift we will check the order information)

From 27th June to 4th July, no make-up Sunny Wink ver. Head will be sold for $20.
*Sunny Wink head is event head and customers who order at least 1 Limited doll can purchase Wink Sunny.
** Please beware that 1 Limited doll means 1 Yellow Limited or 1 White Limited Full set

* Only 20 Brown Tan Haru will be on sale after order opening. Please be in hurry if you wish Haru ?
*New Head “T. Jia” is looking forward to meeting you!
Hope you join us to the adventure and fantasy with Lati’s new limited release “Master of Dragon”!!!


master of dragon