Sephie Doll Shop has created a new tiny doll named Trébol. The doll will be released with three face-plates: “Happy”, “elf “and “sleeping”.

From the company:

Trébol is an articulated 16cm toddler that fits in one hand, continues our usual little childish belly and rascal smile. The novelty besides the new size, is that, instead heads as our previous Helianth and Bambú dolls, this one will have faceplates (interchangeable faces attached with magnets). Trébol has already three faceplates: one ‘Happy’ ( the main face), ‘Sleeping’ and ‘Elf’ (with pointy ears, but also a slight modification in the expression of the eyes, a little more closed than ‘Happy’). The new double-jointed elbows and knees make this doll much more poseable, and we also made some optional accessories like horns, ears and little animal tails, which are also magnetized, for making Trébol cute and adorable.

We don’t know yet what the date of the preorder will be, because we must consider that in southern Spain now it’s really hot and it is very difficult to work with resin, and we also need a well deserved vacation, but we can say that the first Trébols will be present in our booth at Dolls & Party Barcelona on July 4th, 2015. Anyway, we will not make you wait any longer. 🙂