Peak’s Woods News (Updated)

Peak’s Woods is making preparations to release limited edition 1/4 FOB (Fairy of Bug) dolls before the end of the month. Their release will be the first part of a 2-part Summer event. A new FOB body will be released.

From the company:

*Event Period  July 1st ~ July 31st, 2015

*4 skin color options(White, Normal, Suntan, Lavender-pink) are available for all the FOB Basic Fairies.


We are here today in order to inform you of our 2015 Summer Event.

This time it will be divided into two parts for July and August and we hope everything sounds fun and exciting for you.

For July, our renewed FOBs with a new body called “the Muse” are waiting for you and in August you will meet new FOC Dandys and new FOF Series.

Today we are announcing information and details regarding FOBs only however you will hear from us about the rest of the news in regard to August in mid or late July.

Before we start, we’d like to appreciate you all for your great patience and constant interest in our Fairies of Bugs so far.

Our FOBs are finally back with a new body and we’ve prepared new moulds and fun event for more fun for you.

Here is the information below.

*FOB New Girl Body Release

:”FOB “the Muse body” will be released and it will stay for sale separately after the event.

*FOB Makeup Renewal

:Current and new FOBs have now new basic makeups.

*FOB New Moulds Release

:From now on every FOB’s wake up version starts its name with Romantic and we are releasing three new moulds as follow.

1.Romantic Mori Moth (wake up version of Mori Moth)

2.Romantic KoonieS (wake up version of KoonieS)

3.Romantic Mia (wake up version of Mia de Butterfly)

(Wake up Lady Bee will be called Romantic Lady Bee)

*Welcome Back Event

1.Event Period : July 1st ~ July 31st

2.10% DISCOUNT will be offered for FOB dolls and parts during the event

3.Basically same as FOC Farewell Event.

1)4 skin colors (Normal, White, Suntan, Lavender-pink) will be offered for every FOBs.

2)Two versions of special make up will be offered for open and half open eyed dolls.

*More details and pictures will be found on each promo page.

*Sorry!! FOB boys won’t be back for sale this time (Head parts are available for sale)

Thank you very much again for your precious time.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or requests.

We promise that we will get back to you as soon as


*This is the example of Special Make up for open eyed dolls.

*This is the example of Special Make up for open eyed dolls.

 *This is the example of Special Make up for Half open eyed dolls.

*This is the example of Special Make up for Half open eyed dolls.