Carved Heritage Crow Released

The new member of the Carved Heritage series, EID Crow, may now be pre-ordered at IpleHouse. He comes with either a model (70.5cm tall) or Super Hero (68.5cm tall) body in normal, peach gold, light brown or special real resin. A mobility thigh joint may be added.

Human Crow may be ordered with an additional skull head. Other options include a face-up (choice of A or B), Skull blushing, outfit, matchlock and rapier and painting for the weapons.

Crow may also be purchased with his a skull-head only.  Skull Crow includes the same options for body, painting and accessories. Crow is a limited edition and his pre-order runs until July 12th.


Face-up A

Face-up A

face-up b crow

Face-up B


skull crow

crow 2 heads