Doll Legend Event

Alice’s Collections has posted a new event for Doll Legend. In addition to a discount, customers with qualifying purchases can choose between two versions of resin pet DuaiDuai.

From the website:

Doll Legend 1st Anniversary Event (2015.06.12 – 2015.07.12) :
1. 10% discount for all dolls.
2. Order USD200 of Doll Legend products: get a special doll DuaiDuai-1 or DuaiDuai-2 as gift.
Important Notes:
* Order over USD400 can get two gift dolls, and so forth.
* Face-up, accessories such as clothes wig etc. won’t count torward the USD200 for event gift.
* Please add the gift doll page to your shopping cart if your order is qualified.